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Bayalpudi Anil Kumar

Bayalpudi Anil Kumar is a chemistry graduate and has two years of work experience in a private chemical company. He aimed to start a dairy enterprise and supply fresh unadulterated milk to the community. To achieve the same he initially started the dairy unit with 2 animals and later developed it 8 animals. With the increase of the animals in the unit seasonal diseases, difficulties in marketing, the high mortality rate in calves were also increased all together halted the development of dairy. During this time he came to know about the Entrepreneurship Development Program in Dairy Farming at SEEDS through social media. He enrolled and completed two weeks of residential training.


He says “Two weeks practical cum theoretical sessions, visits to successful entrepreneur dairy units, veterinary hospital, classes on techniques of marketing, simple and necessary precautions to be taken to decrease the mortality rates have helped me a lot. After the training program gradually I have increased the dairy unit from 8 animals to 26 animals and supplying 86 litres of milk with the cost of Rs.60 per litres. He also started a backyard poultry unit with minimal investment. From both initiatives, Anil’s net income per month is Rs. 75000.00. Seeing Anil’s achievement many of his friends are ready to go back to their villages for starting farm enterprises.

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