Pushpa and her husband are residents of Duttalur village, Andhra Pradesh, with her husband being the sole breadwinner in the family. Their socio-economic background topping the unavailability of regular work, they strived to provide education to their child while making ends meet. It was just around that time when Pushpa first heard of SEEDS’s training programme in sewing machine operation.

It was an opportunity Pushpa could never say no to, and soon got herself enrolled in the programme. Right after the training, she was employed as an operator in the SEEDS production unit with a monthly pay of Rs. 6,500. “I am able to meet all the household expenses along with my child’s educational costs,” Pushpa says, without having to depend on her husband’s income anymore. As Pushpa heartily thanked SEEDS for the opportunity, she invited three of her neighbours to join the training too.

For many women like Pushpa, this is more than just work. This is about independence without having to worry about the next day. This is about their dignity and pride.

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