SEEDS Success Stories

Pavan Kumar belongs to a marginalised tribal community, living in Duttalur village, Andhra Pradesh. “When it rains at night, we all stay awake to cover ourselves from the water droplets tripping down our roof. My parents earn livelihood by gathering hair and selling them in Nellore town. Both struggle on daily basis to ensure that the family gets 3 meals a day, which sometimes gets very difficult to manage. I want to get a job with decent earnings to ensure that they don’t have to do this job anymore. Considering the limitations in resources, I intend to work hard and ensure that I achieve my dream.” Pavan Kumar scored 8.5 CGPA, wants to be an Agriculture Officer by helping farmers who work in dryland areas. Given his socio-economic background, it was tremendously difficult for him to continue his education. SEEDS precisely understands the importance of education for upward social mobility, and the importance of the right financial support at the right time.

Pavan is a scholarship recipient from SEEDS; all thanks to our generous donors and well-wishers that we are able to make a difference to the lives of brilliant students like him to help them chase their dreams.

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