Even though India’s literacy rate has registered some growth over the last few years, but it has not been able to impart the kind of education that modern times demand. Reports indicate that more than 50% of the students in 5th standard attending rural schools are not capable of reading a second standard textbook and do not to solve basic mathematical questions. In this context, we have been working tbring about transformative change in the learning environment through technological and non-technological interventions in schools and thereby creating conscious citizens who would be the catalysts of change




Learning Enhancement in Schools

To improve learning outcomes in schools, we believe in empowering teachers and create an atmosphere for students that fosters happy and joyful learning. In this process, we promote technological solutions such as Digital Classes through K-Yan, an all in one device that converts any room to an interactive classroom. With the support of our empanelled partner Schoolnet India Ltd, we have implemented ‘Digital class’ projects in more than 200 government schools across the country supported by Grant making agencies, Corporates, Public sector Units and Government.

Capacity Building of Teachers

We believe in teacher-led learning to be the most effective one and our objective has been to empower teachers, equip them with requisite skills and tools that help them deliver better. Therefore, teacher trainings form central part of our initiatives. Till date more than 1000 teachers have been trained on technology centric interventions particularly on using the tools for improving their pedagogical skills


With lack of adequate financial support, students in rural India from vulnerable communities are not able to move forward with their education and compete with their peers. Therefore, with the support of individual and corporate donors, we have initiated “Vidya Protsahan” to support meritorious socio economically backward students for their education post school.

Road Safety Education

Understanding the need for generating awareness about road safety, we have been working with students of various government and private schools making them aware of good road user behaviour using age appropriate learning tools such as classroom sessions and experiential learning on a simulated road environment.

“Higher Education is a distant dream for many like me. SEEDS believed in me just like my parents did. I am a scholarship recipient today, back to chasing my dreams!”





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