The Rural Economy primarily relies on Farm activities supplemented by Non-Farm activities. Livelihoods of people living in rural areas are innately linked to ‘Land’ supplemented by other activities for additional incomes. While Land-based livelihoods form the crux of the rural economy, it is also important to complement it with the expanding list of ‘Essential Services’ in rural areas. A judicious mix of ‘Farm and Non-Farm’ incomes is the need of the hour more so considering the risk involved in farming posed by weather, pest and diseases, fluctuating prices etc.,




Farm and Off Farm

Our objective behind the Farm and Off-Farm (Farm allied) interventions is to enhance the incomes of the rural households, particularly in dryland areas by diversifying the income basket such that the risk factors and dependency on Farm activities are reduced. We have been supporting farmers through capacity building programmes aimed at empowering them in terms of choosing appropriate crops based on climatic conditions, technologies to be adopted to enhance productivity, conserve water, economic viability and further train them on agri allied livelihood models for Dairy, Vermicomposting, Stall-fed goatery and Backyard poultry

Non Farm

We believe that one of the ways to achieve inclusive growth is to provide the rural unemployed youth with means to a sustainable livelihood.  This is achieved by equipping them with the relevant skills adequate to be productively and immediately employable in the burgeoning manufacturing and services sectors of India’s economy. SEEDS aims at identifying livelihood opportunities for the unemployed youth and building their capacities by imparting specialized vocational skill training. We also intend to develop livelihoods based on local resources, including the promotion of traditional skills, arts and crafts, through technical, design, and marketing support. We offer various vocational training courses in Auto service and Manufacturing, Service, Health, Hospitality, Digital and Financial literacy sectors

“From losing my job at one place to hearing praises for my skillful contribution at another, I’ve seen it all. What’s in a course, one might ask! Dignity, motivation, and self-respect were my ‘SEEDS’!”



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